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Toothache antibiotics cipro family

It'll depend on where it is, how widespread it is and how long you've been taking the antibiotics (and if they are oral or IV). It can take me a week or two to be rlatively pain-free with oral antibiotics and you can half that with IV, but there was a lot of it.

If it painful as it sounds then try painkillers. Something like co-codamol is a good choice, but you should toothache antibiotics cipro family be careful as the codeine can make you constipated (and long-term use is addictive, but that shouldn't be a big deal here if you stop taking it when you are better). Unless I'm in a lot of pain in the first day or so, I tend to take paracetomol during the day (which can take the edge off the pain but, more importantly, it'll help reduce any feverishness) and co-codamol at night to help me sleep. If you are in hospital they, in my experience, let you mix-and-match your pain meds, if the doctor toothache hasn't got you on something more serious (I'm not aware of anyone with cellulitis being put on morphine, but I suppose it is always an option in extreme cases).


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