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Ciprofloxacin for fish

Please provide pet and veterinarian information for prescription purchases below:
As a licensed pharmacy, we are required to ciprofloxacin for fish collect selected health and safety information on your pet.

Pet Information
The following information is required to process your prescription order request. Please note that your pet's health is our first priority. Please complete the below information to allow our pharmacy staff to review your pet's medication needs.
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Gender:   Male   Female      Birthday  Weight (lbs) 
 No  Yes - Is your pet Neutered or Spayed?
 No  Yes - Is your pet pregnant?
 No  Yes - Has your pet had an allergic or other reaction to any medications? (put in comments)
 No  Yes - Is your pet taking any medications not purchased through us? (including OTC and herbal)
 No  Yes - Does your pet have any medical conditions?

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