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Cipro toxicity homeopathy definition

Dr. Carolyn Dean Live

Featuring Dr. Carolyn Dean, MD, ND
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Monday at 4-6pm PT / 7-9pm ET (2300-0100 UTC/GMT)
Call-In Number – 602-666-6027  (Call to just listen, or ask a question)

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A Live call-in radio show with the preemminent voice for natural healing of our time.
Hosted by Virginia Gunther, with LIVE calls for Dr. Dean from listeners.
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carolyn-whale-boatWas Thomas Edison Talking About Dr. Dean?
Thomas Edison said: “The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest her or his patients in the care of the human frame, in a proper diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.” Today’s media repeats Edison’s words calling Carolyn Dean the Doctor of the Future.

Dr. Dean is not only a medical doctor, but also a naturopath, herbalist, acupuncturist, nutritionist, lecturer, consultant, author. Dr. Dean has been in the forefront of health issues for over 30 years.

She graduated from Dalhousie Medical School in 1978, holds a medical license in California and is a graduate of The Ontario College of Naturopathic Medicine – now the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM) in Toronto. She served on the board of Governors of the CCNM for six toxicity years.

Dr. Dean has authored or coauthored over thirty books, including:

How To Change Your Life With Magnesium,

Future Health Now! Encyclopaedia,

Death by Modern Medicine: Seeking Safe Solutions,

The Magnesium Miracle,

The Yeast Connection and Women’s Health,


IBS Cookbook for DUMMIES and Hormone Balance.

Click HERE for a complete list and availability.

Media Appearances
Dr. Dean has appeared on hundreds of Radio and TV shows, including such huge shows as NBC’s “The View” with Barbara Walters, “Coast to Coast AM” with George Noory, and major network TV and radio news magazines on CBS, NBC, ABC and Fox. Magazines interview her regularly.

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Dr. Carolyn Dean.

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