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Welcome to the Shining Wave Metals Website, a metallic intrusion into cyberspace with information on mokume-gane, bimetals, japanese alloys and other aspcts of art metal work. Shining Wave Metals produces the largest and most varied line of mokume-gane in the world, manufacturing patterned metals in bronze, silver, gold, palladium and platinum.

What is Mokume-gane?
Mokume-gane (or mokume) means cipro dolce and gabbana in Japanese "wood grained metal." Mokume is a class of metals made with two or more layers manipulated to create a decorative visual effect. The layered structure may be formed by soldering, welding, powder metallurgy or some other process. The decorative visual effect, or pattern, is inherent to the structure of the metal and cannot wear off. Often the structure of the mokume is similar to natural layered materials such as wood or agate, hence the visual similarity.

Mokume Gane samplesStatement of Purpose
Shining Wave Metals is dedicated to the design and production of exotic metals and alloys for use by artists, designers and other creative people. We are constantly developing new products, improving existing lines and testing new materials. This process is, in part, a dialog with our customers and we value the sharing of your hopes, dreams and ideas. Together, with our distributors, we hope to help you make your contribution to the world.

On this site you can:


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