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CIPC Business Company Search Verification

CIPC Company Search Report

Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC), previously known as Companies and Intellectual Property Registration Office (CIPRO), is ultimately responsible for the registration of all companies and intellectual property in South Africa.

pbVerify's business search function that accesses the data provided by CIPC is one of the most advanced CIPC search tools in South Africa and allows for our customers to easily retrieve and verify all registration information related to any registered South African business and its principles.

We have uniquely configured our search tool to allow for multiple search results at no charge to our clients (in the event that only partial details are known and entered). Our unmatched search logic makes the pbVerify CIPC Business search tool one of the most powerful business search reporting tools in South Africa.

This report forms part of the standard pbVerify online product suite and is available after registration to any business.


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CIPC business search tool

People looking for a CIPC (CIPRO) business search tool are usually looking for one of three things: information about a company, information about a director (or directors) of a company, or SARS VAT information.

In order to verify business registration information, the accuracy of VAT numbers as well as statutory and non-statutory Directors' information, you need a reliable CIPC (previously known as CIPRO) business search tool.

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