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China travelers diarrhea cipro

We came across this forum searching for information about travelling pregnant travelers to Bali. Our exact situation is however not covered in the discussions, so we would like to ask for help.
We were arranging to escape the cold European winter by spending the next 5-6 months in Bali. Now it turns out my wife is pregnant in the 6th week china travelers diarrhea cipro and her doctor told her that we should skip Bali.... His reasoning is that she will not be able to get vaccinations, nor will she be able to take medicines without jeoprodizing the health of the new baby.
If there is someone who knows from experience about the dangers in travelling pregnant to Bali, please give us advice. We read in this forum that women in their 28th week travelled to Bali and survived so want a second opinion from a person who knows. Our doctor has never travelled to Bali or Asia in his life.
Any help is much appreciated.


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