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Anidulafungin renal dose ciprofloxacin

anidulafungin renal dose ciprofloxacin
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Vacancies at Necsa

The South African Nuclear Energy Corporation (Necsa) is embarking on exciting new Nuclear Research and Development initiatives which include the following:

  • Nuclear Fuel Cycle,
  • renal
  • Applications of Radiation (such as production of radioisotopes),
  • Radiochemistry,
  • Reactor Engineering,
  • Research Reactor Operation,
  • Nuclear Liabilities Management,
  • Nuclear Safety, and
  • Nuclear Safeguards.

Necsa is an equal opportunity employer and is destined to play an important research and development and technical support role in South Africa’s nuclear renaissance, which will be driven by Eskom’s intended nuclear build and by exciting developments in the field of uranium mining.The Necsa group of companies currently employs over 1500 professionals and support staff and its main operations are located in an attractive environment 30 kilometres from Pretoria in the hills near Hartbeespoort Dam, on a 2500 hectare site which has been converted into a nature reserve!

Radiation Protection Officer

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Administrative Assistant

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Waste Operators (3 posts)

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